One of the top high street retailers in the UK, Argos has over 750 shops and over 800 million annual page views on their website. They’ve got everything you need for your home, including electronics, appliances, and furnishings, and they carry clothing for the entire family.


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  • I have been an Argos customer for many years and never find their services lacking. They make it easy to find any product I am looking for through their comprehensive catalogue, website and knowledgeable staff. The delivery options suit my needs; being able to pick up in store when I’m nearby or having it delivered it to my house if I’m busy covers both bases for me. Prices are usually quite competitive, I have found, and have yet to feel overcharged or that I have received a service and product inferior to what I paid for. Overall it is an excellent service.

  • I just heard about argos and required a personal loan. I was not having any knowledge. Their staffs gave me thorough understanding of all the features, terms and condtions of payment and so on. It has been great to use argos services

  • I bought the item after receiving advice from a young man. I Am pretty cluel so when it comes to anything Xbox so was very happy when he offered to help me, it was to be a Fathers Day gift. My husband has the old controller for the Xbox 1 and I needed a compatible headset. I showed photos on my phone of the controller to the young man. He assured me that I definitely had the right one as he had only just bought the same the previous week.
    Unfortunately on Fathers Day morning when the present was opened I was told by my husband that it was the wrong headset and it would need a separate adapted. At that point I didn’t have enough money to purchase the adapted which I believe is £19.99 so the headset is still sat in its box unused.
    The young man was very helpful and I left very happy.

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