If you’re looking for stylish and affordable plus size clothing for women, look no further than Curvissa. They carry a wide selection of sportswear, casual wear, business attire, party dresses, and even maternity clothes. Plus, you’ll find lots of lingerie and swimwear, and they even carry shoes.



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  • It’s difficult to get business suit for ladies. Curvissa offered a lot of varieties on this particular clothing line. I was amazed. I was also selected for the job.

  • Other curvy women will know of the struggles that we often face when shopping, looking for clothes that are both accommodating and good-looking. Curvissa has stylish clothes that fulfill what I am looking for. The quality of the clothing itself is always at a high standard, well made and comfortable while being at prices that I have always found very reasonable and competitive to high-street fashion stores. The straightforward return process allows you to return clothes that you don’t want within 14 days of purchase, saving you from the headache that can be returning clothes bought online if you don’t like how it looks in real life. I am always quick to recommend Curvissa to my friends.

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